Yoga and meditation helps you to reduce your anxiety by reducing your speed in your life

Reduce your speed

In this current world, everything is speedy. Everything is digitalized further and further. Digitalization has crawled into every aspect of our liv...

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Join to AllYogaMed Teachers' club for free to expand your yoga community

Yoga Teachers' Club

We in AllYogaMed have created a yoga teachers' club page for yoga teachers to join us for free.  In this page we provide this opportunity for teach...

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Yoga helps you to manage your fear and to reduce it to an acceptable level

Management of fear

What is fear and why is it important to manage it? Most of us face some degree of fear in our lives. We may be young or middle aged or older. It do...

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Is yoga good for panic attack? How yoga helps in panic attack, cans mindfulness help? AllYogaMed

Panic attack and Yoga

Practising Yoga regularly helps reduce panic attacks A panic attack is the state of being disconnected from your normal breathing. That happens whe...

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Anxiety relief with regular yoga with AllYogaMed accessories, Eco Friendly yoga Mat, Super grip Yoga Mat, Buy a Quality yoga Mat for your Loved ones

Anxiety relief

Before reading the blog, we assure you that yoga has already helped and is helping hundreds of thousands of people all around the world to be in a ...

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What meditation can do, Benefits of meditation, Anxiety management with Yoga, Is yoga good for anxiety?

Mind Management

Do you find that sometimes you just can’t think straight and the most simple of tasks become complicated? This can happen when we are trying to ...

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