Anxiety relief

Before reading the blog, we assure you that yoga has already helped and is helping hundreds of thousands of people all around the world to be in a better state of their mind and physical health. If you are thinking to start your yoga journey in any level, read this through and spread the message around. Our aim in AllYogaMed is to have a healthier society and happier people.

Anxiety relief 

Sometimes we have moments in the life that we are stuck. We do not have ways to go back and forward. Sometimes you feel you have lost everything. I know this is very difficult. I know how this feels. You experience lots of pain in your soul and body. I have been in the same situation many many times and I believe so many others also experienced the same in different ways.  I remember when I moved abroad and felt badly alone, when I lost my job despite being professional and with speechless experience or when I emotionally was hurt for different other reasons all was too painful. All these are familiar to you, isn't it? Yes, that is true. This is the life. 



We have never been told how to increase our emotional strength or how to improve our coping mechanism. We never been told how we need to be prepared for difficult moments in our lives in later stages. Those difficult moments are always on every body’s path. You will experience the moments that you have to say goodbye to people you love, to your health that can be vanished in a few days or by something unexpected that happens. Yes, that is true! we have never been told that life is not all about butterflies and you may be in a roller coaster again and again. That is true. Life has everything to offer to you.  It offers and put you through easy and sweet moments and hard and tough times. There is no choice to only pick the sweet ones. We have to accept everything that comes through.



During all those moments that you feel pain; even if you have the best supporting family and friends, they will not be there always for you. Because everybody has their own life and their own issues and we cannot expect everyone to understand us. We all have different bodies and different minds and therefore what we experience it is not something everybody else to understand.



You need to know you are the only one that needs to put your hand on your knees and to stand up again. Yes, that is true. You need to know how to do this and how to restart yourself again. You need to learn how to recharge yourself again and regularly.



Yoga is one of those packages that includes many aspects in that. It has techniques to improve your strength, your posture, your breath and manage your mind. It improves your confidence, self-esteem and the level of your patience. 



One of the common techniques is to make yourself calm. It would be better to find a peaceful place and sit or laydown which is convenient for you. Close your eyes and put your both fore and middle fingers under your noise. When you breath in and breath out you will feel the warm air flow. Don't force yourself to sit straight or in any specific yoga poses. Just relax and sit in a way that makes you comfortable. If you can sit in a lotus mode it is perfect. But you don't have to. 



You need to just focus on your inhale and exhale. When you feel you have been a bit relaxed, do a fish pose for couple of times with a yoga block. You will feel a bit later than a major portion of accumulated pain in your upper back has gone. Fish pose is a very useful pose that helps your muscles to be relaxed very quickly. 



Please note all these methods is based on our personal experience. If you do not feel well for example, you are ill, you have medical conditions, you are not familiar with yoga poses and you have not practiced before with a teacher, please seek advice from your GP or specialist or your yoga teacher and follow their advice. In AllYogaMed we are aiming to share our personal experiences and we are not liable for any consequences, injuries or medical condition due to misinterpretation or misusing the methods when that is not fit to your needs and conditions or you do not have experience with it. 



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Stay healthy and stay blessed 

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