Management of fear

What is fear and why is it important to manage it?

Most of us face some degree of fear in our lives. We may be young or middle aged or older. It does not matter what age you are or at which stage of life you are. We may be worried about future, about finances, our jobs, our relationships or losing someone, or something. There are also fears of objects or conditions such as darkness, fear of others, of heights, water and whatever you can think of.

Fear is not something unusual. You may have a degree of fear in you which protects you from doing something dangerous. But in a normal life condition when it increases without reason beyond a certain limit, it leads to uncontrolled anxiety and stress. Experiencing such fear on a daily basis will impact the quality of your life and it will block your potential. It prevents you from moving forward in your life. It prevents you from building the relationships you want and it will even inhibit your success.

Ultimately fear will lead you into a place where your dreams will always remain just dreams and unattainable. At some point you will need to be very honest and ask yourself, what has been the advantage of such level of fear in your life? Have you ever gained anything in your life because of fears? What could you have achieved without it?

You need to start to visualize a life with no fear and to see how your life is more meaningful without it.

Most of the times fears do not have positive sides because they are not real.

Fear blocks the energy circulation in your body and causes some unreal physical pain. You may even see a GP and get tested to find out the results. Most of the time the test results will be negative. This is how fear changes your life.

If this is sounding familiar to you, you need to know you are not alone. To manage those fears the first stage is to accept you have a fear. Once you know this, you will be encouraged to manage it rather than fighting with it and make it even bigger.

One of the things that can help is to manage your wellbeing. You need to be kind and caring about yourself. You need to know that you are the most important asset that you have. Sports and exercise are always good. They can help to some extent to improve your condition. But you need to learn how you manage your thoughts connected to your fear. Practicing meditation and yoga regularly are proven ways that can help you manage your thoughts.

These techniques will bring the focus and attention from your outer world toward your inner world; you will be more connected with yourself and you will know yourself better and better. At some point you will not only overcome your fear but you will turn the power of that into a positive driving force to achieve your dreams and goals in a constructive way. You can ultimately build better relationships, better working situations and, ultimately, a better life.

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