Yoga is easier with our accessories

Hello my friend,

I started practicing yoga in 2009.  Before then I had tried many ways to feel better and reduce my stress levels, but nothing worked.  One day my best friend suggested yoga and since then yoga is with me and I am with yoga.             I noticed such an improvement in my general wellbeing and reduced stress level that I became determined to make it part of my daily routine.  Now I want you to experience the same benefits.

As with all things new, yoga seems difficult to start with.  But knowing the value would get from regular practice I persevered and committed to mastering the poses.

When I first started I didn’t think a proper mat was particularly important – I thought it was just a mat to save me from working directly on the floor.  But when my palms became moist with sweat my hands started to slide and I couldn’t get a strong grip on the mat so that certain poses became almost dangerous to do.  I was about to give up before I discovered mats with a stronger grip. This gave me greater confidence in attempting more difficult poses such as downward facing dog and tree poses. My balance improved and my enthusiasm for regular yoga practice soared.

Yoga is all about commitment, patience and practice.  Even doing just 15 minutes a day, or a couple of times a week, will make a significant difference to your body and your general wellbeing.

At Allyogamed we only use good quality yoga accessories to help you with the correct postures and to build your body balance properly.  Our natural rubber yoga mats are of a superior quality.  They offer a firm grip with no sliding.  They have a smooth, soft touch top layer and a natural rubber bottom layer which ensures the stability of your yoga mat.  You will be able to enjoy performing your yoga poses rather than fighting with a slippery yoga mat!

Mother Nature will appreciate the fact that we use these natural rubber yoga mats. There is so much emphasis on taking care of our planet and at Allyogamed we are proud to be helping to keep it clean for future generations.

We value your support for our sustainable yoga products and your contribution to making the world a better place for all of us.

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With love