Panic attack and Yoga

Practising Yoga regularly helps reduce panic attacks

A panic attack is the state of being disconnected from your normal breathing. That happens when you feel threatened either by external conditions or by your inner thoughts. During a panic attack your breath becomes shorter and quicker. You feel you need more oxygen,you will normally hyper ventilate and you lose control of your breathing.

Regulated breathing is one of the methods that can help you to overcome hyperventilation and ultimately overcome your panic attacks.

So how does practising Yoga help to regulate our breathing? In yoga we learn how to do physical moves and Asanas. During the Asanas your body learns how to take in breath, how to keep it and when to release it. Regulated breathing increases your energy levels and improves your coping mechanism. Asanas are very powerful poses. When your body learns how to regulate its breathing pattern in strong yoga poses eventually its tolerability increases under different physical and mental conditions.

If you suffer from panic attacks and undertake to do just a couple of poses regularly everyday you will find beneficial changes to your state of mind.
We would love to have your feedback, based on regular yoga exercises, to tell us how your panic attacks have decreased. We encourage you to try our products and to see how yoga will be enjoyable with AllYogaMed natural rubber yoga mats. 

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