Reduce anxiety with a good night's sleep

Do you realise that poor sleep habits could be the cause of your anxiety?

Yes, a bad night’s sleep affects much of your life.  It can damage your good humour, your performance, your communications and your relationships.  It can cause long-lasting fatigue which prevents you from doing the most simple things with ease.  You will feel constantly stressed and behind schedule.  Repeated patterns of poor sleep can eventually cause both mental and physical stress.

Some people resort to medication to improve their sleeping patterns – which is ok if prescribed by a doctor for particular conditions. However, taking sleeping pills can become addictive and difficult to wean yourself off.  A far healthier alternative would be to embark on a regular yoga practice.  This is a far gentler remedy and has been shown to improve the sleep patterns of those who develop a good routine of yoga exercises.

Not only will regular yoga exercises improve your sleep habits, they will benefit other parts of your body as well.  Your breathing will improve as you learn how to breathe during the poses and the yoga stretches cause your hormonal glands to work better resulting in more evenly balanced hormone levels.

You will be amazed at the benefits you will experience with regular yoga and breathing exercises just a couple of times during the week. Your sleep patterns will improve and once your sleep is better regulated, you will find your anxiety levels decrease.

Never underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep and how much it can affect your health and your behavior. We encourage you to practice yoga in your own space or yoga classes with quality products which keep you motivated to do yoga regularly. In AllYogaMed our quality yoga mats are loved by the yoga lovers and we would love to see you enjoying your yoga practices.

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Stay healthy and stay happy with Allyogamed.

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