Reduce your speed

In this current world, everything is speedy. Everything is digitalized further and further. Digitalization has crawled into every aspect of our lives. The new world is going to be an absolute digital network and we will lose our connectivity to our real body, soul and other human beings. These days people are feeling lonelier than ever because they feel they have been left behind because all the time they compete for getting more and having more. Yes, believe it or not, all this will lead us to disconnect with human emotions.

When emotions are faded then the concept of life will be faded. Do you want to be out of this circle and be in touch with your human emotions? Do you want to be connected more with other human beings? If your answer to these questions is yes then you need to give more and take love and kindness and respect in depth to yourself and others.

The best thing that you can do is take a moment for yourself and stop searching, stop doing and just do nothing. Just pause yourself and connect to your higher self and to think about the real purpose of your being. This does not mean stopping your daily plan or work or ultimate objectives or go to Himalayas. This is just a short pause. Otherwise, the storm of high speed in your life will take all of joy and happiness from you. You will find yourself at some point where your time and energy have gone away and you have not found enjoyment in life because you have been constantly running to gain more and more.

What do we really gain from living such a speedy life? Just once in a while sit and think about the concept of life and think how you can bring more joy and happiness into the world. Yes, just do simple things. You do not know how much power simple things have and how they can bring peace into your being and your outer world. Spend more time meditating, practice yoga, go for a short walk and let the warmth of the sun touch your face. Breathe life in and breathe out all the anxieties you have.

Believe or not agitations are always around and you are your only own pillar in your life even if you have lots of loved ones around you. When you increase your inner power, you will be able to lean on your own strength. You will not lose your control due to any agitations come along. You may also be able to let someone else lean on you as you will have the strength to share. To reach to that level of strength you need to practice couple of things regularly. First slow down the things and learn how to connect with your body and your soul in different ways.

Yoga and meditation are tools and skills that give us this possibility to connect with ourselves. These tools will improve our mental and physical strength. Every movement in yoga teaches us how to be patient, how to breathe in and breathe out when we are under pressure. They teach us how to enjoy our moments in life while life is not in a perfect shape. They teach us how to be flexible and to remain focused when we are in uncomfortable situations and to not to forget our objectives.

So enjoy every single breath, be consistent on your yoga and meditation journey and you will rejoice to see the benefits. 

With Love