AllYogaMed is an online yoga shop in the UK. Our registered company name is Your New Horizon Ltd., a company registered in England and Wales under company number 13508447 and with our registered office at Suite 158, 61 Victoria Rd, Surbiton, KT6 4JX, United Kingdom.

Our yoga mats have been made of natural rubber in their bottom layer and they are called eco friendly yoga mats. Natural rubber provides a firm grip on the floor and it prevents your mat from sliding. The top layer of our eco mats are PU and it provides a superior comfort level of soft cushioning which makes your yoga practice very joyful. AllYogaMed mats are one of the best grippy yoga mats in the market and with our yoga products we assure you that you will perform your yoga poses with more confidence whether you are at a beginner level or at a more advanced level. To visit our products visit our SHOP page.

With the stresses of 2020 we learnt the importance of looking after ourselves and the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind.
Self-care is all about having that private moment for yourself, of putting your focus within yourself and closing out the rest of the world even for just a short time each day. We need to have a healthy body for a healthy mind and at Allyogamed we believe that adding yoga and Pilates to your daily routine using body and nature friendly yoga mats will achieve this.