The value and mission of Allyogamed are to encourage everybody to have a special self care. This is the thing that is normally missed in a daily routine specially now a days as so many people are working from home and this will be continued in the future with prospect of corporates shifting in a hybrid mode and this may impact the work life balance.
2020 showed to all of us that self care is a very important aspect and every one is responsible to have a self and family care by means of having a strong body and mind.
Self care is all about to have a private moment for yourself with your body and mind. It has been always heard that a healthy mind is in a healthy body. To have a healthy body; one of the aspects is to plan daily or weekly exercises from home and or from the classes.
Allyogamed is to encourage everyone to add yoga and Pilates in your daily plans. Doing just 10 or 15 min of moves/ poses; with 2 or 3 min of breathing will improve your life in different ways. If you have possibilities to go to the classes that is perfect to do so.
You may not be able to go to the classes in anytime you want to but if you have your own accessories at home this gives you flexibility to do it from where you are by your own, with your teacher virtually.

It will improve your sleep, your mind, your performance, relationships, self steem, self confidence and many more aspects that one can imagine.
Yoga is not just for those who know very complex poses.
We believe yoga is for all ages and genders.

Everybody can go limitless with yoga exercises which can get more and more benefits from it. But that does not mean if you can not do sophisticated poses then yoga is not for you. That is not true. Yoga has tones of poses for all ages that you can do in your own pace and strength even in your home.
Many of the poses that are instructed by physicians and therapists for the muscles and joint pains are from yoga poses.
You can do whatever you have learned from your teachers physically or virtually or even through youtube by spending 10 min, 15 min or even more as that suits you. This will improve your mental and physical health for sure and will increase the health aspects in the society.

Allyogamed is offering environmental friendly yoga matts which have been made with natural rubber. Our yoga matts provide great hand and feet grip where you need to do stronger poses if whether you are a beginner or you are in your advance levels.
The thickness of our yoga matts is similar to other standard yoga matts. However the PU top layer provides nicer cushioning than other matts in the market and the bottom rubber layer provides a great grip on the floor and does not let the matt to be sliding anywhere.

We appreciate your support for society mental health by adding yoga in your daily and weekly plans and also your support by using environmental yoga matts. Our mother earth needs us to support it in different ways.
We welcome bloggers and teachers who would like to support us with the same value of Allyogamed. We have Teachers club page and Events pages to allow teachers to advertise their methods and techniques with the same value of Allyogamed values.