Sometimes that feels it is very difficult to think properly and to manage your tasks. That can happen when there are many things in your plate to do. Well you need to know you are not alone and now a days so many people are like that. But there are some techniques that you can follow and to manage your mind and bring your anxiety level down.

Just sit wherever you think that is possible and close your eyes and just breath. Breath in and breath out. That is the only task you need to do at that moment. Remember in this time your only task is doing nothing and going no where and that is only breathing. 

Then you need to check three human essential things:

  1. Check if you bowel has worked? may be you need to rest yourself.
  2. Check if you are thirsty or hungry? Drink a glass of water or grab something to eat. 
  3. Check if you have slept well? If you feel very anxious that is normally due to lack of sleep.
  4. Check if you have pain in any location in your body. May be you need to have some stretchy activities or you need to see a specialist. 

If your answer to any above questions is no then try to fix that in the same day and sleep well in the same night. Tomorrow will be a shinny day again. 

If all above is yes, then you need to have a better time and task management strategy. If you can get a help from someone, please do so. Delegate some of your works in your office or at home to other people. 

These little techniques can help to feel a bit relived from high level stress. We suggest to check all these above daily basis. You know to know your body and mood how are connected to each other. Sometime if any of above items does not work well that can cause chronic issues and that leads you somewhere which decreases your thinking and decision making ability.

Remember always start with breath. That is the most essential thing which help to manage and structure you mind.